Pest Control: Tactics to Effectively Keep the Bugs Away

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There are more insects than human beings on Earth. This planet is as much theirs as it is ours. However, when our lives inevitably intersect, it can pose potential dangers to our family and loved ones.

Insects and other forms of animals can bring dangerous diseases to you and your family. They can cause allergies and rashes, and in worst cases, they can even be venomous. Insects and pests can also induce damage to your house’s structure and foundation, especially if you had a wood structure that is not insect-proof. The potential dangers that such insects can bring is enough to be very wary of their presence, and we’re going to look at how you can make sure that they’ll stay off from your loved one.

Keep Your House Clean

First things first, make sure that you maintain your house’s cleanliness. This prevents insects from finding nooks and crannies to stay and breed. Prevention is always better than cure, and even in this situation, this holds true. Make it a habit to deeply clean your house now and then, and use non-toxic insect repellents to keep bugs off corners and holes that you normally don’t see.

Seal Your Food

The aroma of food attracts all forms of insects, and they contaminate the food making it unsafe for human consumption. Preventing this is as simple as sealing your food containers every time after using them. It’s also best to keep your food in a safe place, like a sealed pantry or the fridge. This makes sure that insects and other animals don’t get to make a mess of your food supplies.

Put Up Screen Doors

A screen door is another simple solution to your bug problem while allowing you to enjoy the cool, natural breeze. It’s not much of a chore either, as it’s really just another layer to your door. If you like keeping windows open for light and fresh air, consider putting up a layer of mesh screens on your windows as well.

Make Sure There Isn’t Any Stale Water

Bugs tend to flock to still or standing water, so it’s best to get rid of them while you can. Fountains, ponds, pails, and even old bottles are all suspect that can house mosquitoes and other water-borne insects. Gutters can also collect stale water, especially if they’re fitted improperly. Make sure that open areas don’t have any surfaces where water can pool and collect, and if it does, make sure to drain it properly.

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Use Outdoor Fans

An effortless but effective way to get rid of bugs is to use fans near areas they can enter. This includes doors and windows. The fans will not only keep you feeling cool and refreshed, but it will also give bugs a hard time flying inside your house. A fan also diffuses carbon dioxide in the air, mixing with the chemicals and odors that mosquitoes use to hunt for food. This confuses them and prevents them from finding you.

Install Bug Zapper Lamps Outside Your Home

In humid areas, especially ones near swamps and lakes, it’s common to see electrically-charged lamps hanging all over the porch. If your situation calls for it, you can use bug zapper lamps to eliminate insects that pose a threat. If you are not too fond of the traditional design, many contemporary bug zapper lamps are available on the market. These innovative machines disguise themselves as sleek pieces of electronic devices but actually help you by keeping bugs off your skin.

Check Your Garden

Gardens and plants are prime locations for insects to breed and populate. You might be surprised that there’s a colony underneath a pot or even inside an old tree. In the worst situations where you find a tree horribly infested by termites or other dangerous bugs, consider getting a tree removal estimate. There will be times that a tree’s structure is severely compromised because of how many insects have eaten inside, becoming a great danger to not just your family but also your house.

Alternatively, you can try this:

Plant Bug-Repelling Flowers

Mother Nature always has a way of balancing things out. While plants are primarily a haven for insects and bugs, some types of plants repel them. You can try planting marigolds to deter plant lice and mosquitoes. They’re best placed near doors to prevent such bugs from entering your property. Citronella is a type of grass that also repels mosquitoes and is a great grass to use for your gardens to keep flying insects from populating your house.

Remember these strategies when bugs start to infiltrate your home and garden. This way, you can have something in your arsenal to address this pest problem effectively.



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