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Bedbugs and home are two words you wouldn’t want to hear in the same sentence, especially if it’s talking about your home. The thing is, if in case you do get them, they can be very difficult to completely get rid of.

That being said, don’t worry–here’s what you need to know about these tiny blood suckers to keep them off you, your family, and your home.

Tiny Vampires

Bedbugs are very small insects – about the size of a speck of dust. But they’re far more trouble than their size would have you imagine.

They are known for living off the blood of humans and pets. They use their elongated beaks to literally suck the blood out of their chosen victims. They don’t fly, but they can move very quickly over different surfaces including walls and cloth.

Their feeding process usually takes anywhere from three to ten minutes before they’re full. This is also the reason they love hanging out in the covers – when you’re asleep, you can be oblivious to this relatively long process. Once they are full, you can see their flat bodies swell and turn red.

Female bedbugs lay hundreds of eggs in the course of their lifetime. Over the period of a year, bedbugs can produce up to three generations.

Young bedbugs, or nymphs, usually take around a month before they fully mature. During this time, they have to shed their skin five times. Before each shedding, they need to feed.

Once a bedbug has fed on you, the part where their beaks punctured your skin will be left reddish and swelling. It will also be itchy. In some cases, these bites can cause an allergic reaction.

Bedbugs also leave a trail of their mess. Sometimes, tiny bloodstains or fecal matter will be left on your sheets and clothes. Their fecal matter, too, can cause allergic reactions.

These insects also give off a strong and musty odor caused by their scent glands.

Overall, these tiny vampires offer nothing but a bad experience. You need them out of your life.


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If you think your bedbug problem is too much to handle by yourself, you might be right. In these urgent situations, it’s still better to speak with an expert exterminator. Trained and experienced professionals have a long list of tools at their disposal for these kinds of pests. Describe the extent of your issue and wait for their visit.

All these things considered, getting rid of them is not enough. You need to make some changes to ensure these little monsters never come back.

Firstly, you should clean all the places that these insects live in – your sheets, duvets, drapes, linens, and even clothing – dirty or clean.

Wash these materials in hot water and dry them using the highest setting on your dryer. This will considerably reduce their chances of leaving eggs behind. For items that cannot be washed – like stuffed animals – you can also place them in the dryer with similar settings.

Sending these materials to the cleaners can also be helpful. Be specific when you narrate your problem, so that they are equipped to deal with it.

Also, make sure there are no gaps or cracks or holes in your walls where these tiny vampires can hide.

In the end, having a clean and well-maintained home is the best defense against bedbugs.



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