Moving Across The Country With Your Dog: How To Make It Easy


A move can be bad for your dog. They like to be around familiar surroundings and people. New places can be confusing and scary for some breeds. It is even worse when you move cross-country, with a different landscape and climate. Fortunately, you will be there, and that can help a lot in relaxing them. If you want to make it even easier and less stressful for them, here are some steps to take:

Always Start With A Vet Visit

You have to be sure that your pet is in good shape to travel. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian and be clear about the purpose of it. Several health issues can come up with the stress of a move, so your vet needs to look out for this.

Also, vaccinations are an essential part of the visit. New places can mean new diseases and an increased risk of infection. Some areas also require a license for transporting pets, and a vet’s clean bill of health will help get that.

Check Your Destination

You do not want a nasty surprise when you arrive at your new home. It is always a good idea to check the local pet legislation to know if there is anything you need to do. For example, some places restrict the dog breeds that they allow in the area. Other laws might require RFID tags and the like. Be ready to follow these laws so that you and your pet won’t get into trouble.

Familiarize Your Dogs

If your dog is not used to long car rides or transport in a carrier, you should take the time to familiarize them. These are new experiences, and they can disturb your dog significantly. It is even worse if you spring a long trip out on them. Start them out with short trips so that they can ease into longer travel. This ensures that they can behave well.


Prepare All The Necessities

Transporting your dog cross-country will require quite a few supplies. For one, you need to ensure that they have proper hydration and feeding. This will involve water bottles and food dishes. You will also need to give them a blanket for resting and a toy to keep them busy. If your dog is a bit nervous, you can ask a vet about a safe calming spray that can help ease your pet for long periods.

Professional Help Is Available

All of it seems like a lot of work. If the move is stressing you out, then you should seriously consider hiring animal transport serices. It might seem like abandoning your dog, but it can be a good decision.

If you cannot devote a hundred percent to their care during the move, then you might make a mistake or forget something. It is better to have a professional who can handle everything for you so that you can be sure that your dog is safe and sound.

Bringing your beloved dog to a new home is a great way to ease the initial loneliness that a move can create. Ensure that they are comfortable with the move so that they can be ready and excited about the new place in no time.



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