How to Build a Playground for Your Cats


Cats need a lot of play and exercise to stay healthy. If you have the space, it can be fun for you and your cats to build a playground to climb, jump, scratch, and play with toys. The best part is that it’s easy to do! Here’s how to build a playground for your cats.

Choose the Right Space to Put the Playground

As you’re planning your cat playground, it’s essential to choose a space that is safe and out of the way:

  1. Ensure that the area is away from busy areas of your home or apartment complex so your cats can run around without danger.
  2. Ensure that the site is also far away from any electrical wires or other hazards so that nothing terrible happens when playtime ends.
  3. It’s essential to make sure that the playground is far away from your cat’s food and water bowls so that they don’t accidentally knock them over during their fun time!

Cats are inquisitive creatures and want to explore the playground as much as possible. Moreover, since they love to run and climb things, it’s normal to find them up on the roof resting or maybe even doing some scratching.

While scratching objects or running over the roof is normal for them, keeping them away from high places is still best. As a responsible cat owner, check their playground at all times and maintain areas they usually hang out, like the roof.

Also, find a reliable metal roof repair company, and make sure you know someone who could help you with maintenance in the future. A roof repair can be very costly, and not every cat owner has the money to pay for it. However, a simple repair can save your life and that of your beloved feline. So make sure you have someone you trust to handle roof repairs if needed.

Add a durable scratching post or two

Another important feature that can benefit your cats is a scratching post. These are great for keeping claws healthy because they remove the nail’s dead outer layer and help prevent nail biting.

Clawing also helps cats release pent-up energy—if you notice them scratching or batting at the post, it’s probably because they need to move around and burn off some nervous energy. When choosing a scratching post, make sure it’s tall enough so that even your smallest cat can use it comfortably. You’ll also want to ensure that it’s made from durable material, such as sisal rope or carpeting.

If you’re going for carpeted posts, look for ones with a dense pile height so as not to be easily ripped up by sharp claws. Many cats prefer an upright “tree trunk” design over horizontal mats because this type of surface is easier on their joints when they stretch out fully during playtime—and again, if you want your felines happy, always remember what makes them tick!

Finally, place these posts in high-traffic areas where there will always be plenty of cats coming through periodically throughout each day or night cycle — this isn’t just about convenience but also safety concerns.

Include resting areas in your design

tabby cat relaxing on a warm radiator

Cats need to rest, and they need a place to hide. This is why many cat owners have hiding spots for their cats inside their homes and beds and cushions scattered about the house for them to curl up in at night.

Make sure you include some resting places in your playground to allow your cats some space of their own. If possible, make the resting areas comfortable where they can nap after playing on the playground equipment or climbing up high enough to look out a window into strange worlds beyond theirs!

They also love climbing things—so when designing your cat playground, make sure there are lots of opportunities for climbing too! This can be done by including ramps leading up towards windowsills so that if one isn’t enough, then another one will work better.

Have more than one ramp because no matter how tired someone feels after playing with all those toys you gave them earlier today during nap time, there’s always room left over for another round.

This can be before lunchtime rolls around tomorrow morning, soon after breakfast starts cooking itself.

Let them play with a toy or two

Letting your cats move around and play is a great way to keep them active and happy. Toys are a great way to do this, but you mustn’t give them any unsafe toys. If the toy has any small parts or sharp edges, make sure they can’t get hurt on it!

You should also check the durability of any toy before giving it to your cat or kitten. If you want your cats to have a space where they can run and jump around freely in their playground, make sure there is enough space for them between all these things.

Building a playground for your cats is just another way of showing them how much you love them. The best thing about these toys is that they can be moved around easily. So if your feline friends don’t like something or want to try something new, all you have to do is move their toys around until they find what they like best!



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