Cat Care Tips: A Guide for Every New Cat Owner

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When you ask people if they are a dog person or a cat person, people usually tell you they like dogs more. The answers are always more about how dogs are full of fun, while cats are passive-aggressive creatures that do not contribute anything to your home. There is an excellent reason for this, though. That is because cats are more aloof and fussy than the ever-happy dogs that people are used to. Think of it this way: dogs are boys, and cats are girls. Boys are not that complicated to take care of, while girls take a lot of work.

Whether you are new to being a cat parent or about to give these fur babies a chance, here are some essential tips you would need to take care of a cat.

Be Patient

Cats tend to take their time warming up to their owners, and it is because they are still wired as wild predators that do not like to settle until they know their surroundings are safe. That is why your new kitten would probably find the most hidden corner it can find to sleep for the first few days at your home. You should not take this personally, especially when adopting a cat from the pound. Kittens rescued from the streets are often traumatized for so long that even foster homes might not completely heal them. The only thing that can help rescued cats heal from their traumas is time, just as with humans too.

Moreover, even when your cat starts to roam around your house, it does not mean you get to be one of those TikTok fur parents with cuddly cats. It means they are exploring their new environment, but the bond between you two will still take a lot of work.

Don’t Pet Them Without Consent

Consent is essential, even for cats, and in most cases, it is the key. We have mentioned being patient; now, you must take it to a whole new level and be patient until that moment when your cat lies down in front of you to be petted. Cats are not dogs. They do not enjoy unwanted pets until they are the ones to ask for it, or if they allow you to. Some cats do not even like to be petted at all. Remember, each cat has different personalities, and it is up to you to bring out that carefree cuddly side of them.

Usually, the safest area to pet a cat is on its head and neck. You should start with simple scratches that do not invade their personal space. Do that, and it will serve as an invitation like, “Hi, is this okay?” and “Do you want some more petting?” Then you should observe how your cat behaves. If it welcomes the gesture, it means you are allowed to. They are such divas, right? Perhaps, the Ancient Egyptians were right to worship cats because they indeed act like deities. Lastly, remember not to touch their bellies until they show it to you on their own. It means they trust you if that is the case.

Potty Train Them Early

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The good part of being a cat parent is that you do not need a high volume of maintenance efforts to keep them clean. Unlike dogs, you can leave your cats at home for a couple of days, return and find them chilling on your bed. That is the worst-case scenario; they would own your bed even when you’ve bought pens and beds for them. Cats are curious creatures, and they tend to wander off and get lost. Therefore, you must look into residential or commercial aluminum fence installation services. If you have aluminum fences installed, you can keep your cat from escaping the yard. Most importantly, you must ensure that your doors and windows are locked.

Moreover, you can potty-train cats, and the earlier, the better. They would not need to be taken on walks to relieve themselves. All you need is a litter box and litter sand, and it would be best to get the scented ones. You can even train them to take a dump in your own toilet if you are patient enough to do so. Regardless, once they are used to their litter boxes, you will not have any problems with random poops on your living room rugs. The only issues you would probably have are fur shedding and fur balls.

Final Thoughts

Having a cat is like having a passive-aggressive girl roommate. They will mind their own business but come to you for food or when they want someone to talk to. However, cats bond with their humans for life once they become comfortable and trusting. There are even stories where cats refuse to be fluffy and cuddly again for others after losing their owner to old age. Give them a chance, and remember they are not dogs! They are cats, and they are different.




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