Arranging Your Final Wishes for Your Family

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Can you imagine if kids know how cruel and harsh reality can be? They will eventually get there when they grow into adults, but it could be mentally and psychologically overwhelming for them to learn the things you already know. This situation is why we often lie to kids about controversial stuff, including death. Some parents choose to find a friendlier definition for someone passing away because children might not be ready for the emotional rollercoaster yet.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent death from happening, even for you. What’s worse is that the event might happen before your kids grow up. Parents should never take any chances, especially when talking to kids about death. The first step is to sit down and discuss the concept of the potentially life-changing event. However, there is another path parents must take without kids’ participation. The strategy will ensure your children can deal with grown-up matters regarding death, especially when it involves yours.

Last Will

Parents are the owners of everything inside the household. The natural process would be to pass all the wealth and assets down to the kids. Unfortunately, they might not know what to do as soon as their parents die. They will require assistance, especially when taking the legal assets under their name.

Fortunately, parents can work up a last will with the family attorney. The legal document ensures that kids have control of everything they own, even when they don’t understand it yet. Relatives and in-laws might want to take over because the kids don’t have the mental capacity to make decisions yet. However, it will feel more relieving when you know your kids will benefit from the items you worked hard to earn. You do not have to involve your kids in the process since all it requires will be their names on the document.

Life Insurance

It can be scary to think about leaving your kids behind, especially when they are at an age where they can’t fend off for themselves yet. Parents are often the providers inside the household, which means kids might not have access to income yet. It can be a horrifying picture to think about children working at an early age, skipping school to survive, and worrying about bills.

Parents know that finances and income are essential, and kids will have to finish school to find a decent-paying job. Fortunately, getting life insurance ensures that your children will have the financial means to accomplish their education. It might not replace being alive to provide for them, but it can ensure that they have protection for the first few years you are gone. Hopefully, they can utilize the money to help them graduate, get a job, and become financially independent.

Care Arrangement

Parents are the caretakers, which means no one will be responsible for the kids when they are gone. Kids need more time to develop, sometimes lasting for 18 years. They need to learn responsibilities, such as household chores, financial decisions, and basic survival skills. Unfortunately, your untimely departure means they don’t have someone who can guide, develop, and give them advice for those things.

As a result, your efforts should be finding out who you can leave your children with for care. Your relatives or siblings might be mature enough to handle the responsibility, ensuring your kids remain within the family. It is necessary to find someone who has the best intentions for your children. It doesn’t even have to be a blood relative. Choosing the right guardians will help your kids learn and develop until they are old enough to make their own decisions. It might not be you guiding your kids, but ensuring that they grow up to be capable and decent people even when you are gone.

Funeral Arrangement

One of the most challenging parts of talking to kids about death is the grieving process. They might not know how to handle the emotional blow, and it would be burdensome to force them into that situation unprepared. The funeral will be the first thing that comes to mind. Fortunately, you can handle the event way before you pass away. Talking to a funeral director ensures you already have a plan for your death, making it easier for your kids or your relatives to handle the situation.

When you have kids, you have to prepare for every scenario imaginable. You are responsible for another human being. With your kids depending on you, it is necessary to stay safe from death until you are certain they can survive by themselves. However, it wouldn’t hurt to make plans for the unexpected event.



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