What It Takes to Make Your Pet a Star

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Although people’s affection for pets is still being researched, the homage to any kind of animal online is known to have had a significant effect on the sale of pet-related gifts. Pets tend to provide a calming effect upon physical contact, providing companionship to those who could feel lonely or simply prefer to have a domesticated animal in their home. Some even use emotional support animals to improve their mental health. Others use it for protection against possible intruders, regardless of whether the intrusion may come from a human or another animal.¬†However, one of the main possible reasons why people keep animals is due to their representation of nature.

But having pets and taking care of them can cost a lot. Sometimes, using wholesale options such as dropshipping is a better alternative compared to buying pet products in brick-and-mortar shops because of the cheaper options. People can buy in bulk and reduce their bills for their favorite furry or scale friends.

Another way to help pay for the expenses is by capitalizing on their cuteness or likeability. You can train them to become show pets, allowing them to pay for their own food and needs. This will require more attention and more of your time, but your pet will have the chance of becoming famous.

More Training Than Usual

Animals in show business are required to perform particular acts on cue. For instance, if it is a pet food commercial and the dog or cat is required to crawl up to the bowl and eat, they have to be able to do so on cue. It is incredibly difficult to work with creatures that are unable to respond to directions, so producers and casting directors prefer well-trained animals over those who cannot obey.

Apart from the typical sitting, fetching, or begging orders, you have to be able to train them according to the needs of the commercial or show. If they have to approach an actor and lick their ear, they have to learn to be cordial and trained with cues such as their favorite treat or toy. On the set of Fraisier, Eddie the dog would only jump up toward the actors because they had dog food behind their ear.

In the same way, you need to find a way to effectively communicate with your pet so that they can catch on to the subtle orders you provide off-screen. Whether it is for social media or for the big screen, people like to add a personality to the pet and this can be achieved through their behind-the-scenes training.

Listen To Their Needs

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Sometimes, show business is not the best thing for pets. They might feel stressed or overwhelmed by what is going on around them, as many people get from one place to another. Be aware of what they need from you if you want to keep them on the set or as your main talent for a shoot. If there are certain treats, toys, or special items that can keep them happy, it would be best to have them nearby so that the pet does not negatively react to the stimulating events happening in front and around them.

You could also get a vet to help with figuring out what your pet needs. Maybe your pet fell ill during the process of training, or maybe they were fed too much on set. Whatever the case, diagnosing the problem early can reduce the chances of exacerbating the situation for your furry or scaly animal. When your pet seems to be upset or is acting strange, it can be a sign for you to give them a quick check-up, especially when they are new to the business.

Grooming For The Camera

Similar to how human actors have to go through hair and makeup to pop on screen, animals involved in the industry must also be properly and regularly groomed for their shots. When they are used in the media, they tend to be representative of their species. This means that they need to look the part of stereotypes that allow a viewer to identify them as a particular kind of pet to make them appear relatable to the audience.

Once you decide on your pet’s path to stardom, it can be easy to imagine your new life through a rose-colored perspective. But you should still remember that it will take a lot of hard work to train, groom, and look after them if you want to succeed.



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