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September 30th, 2016

foods pets die for

Since the latest recall by Menu Foods of many dog and cat wet foods due to toxicity in it’s wheat gluten many pet owners are upset and are now considering alternative, natural diets for their pets. Today, the New York Times has a great article on this concern The article talks about all the people rushing to find books on healthy pet nutrition and pet cookbooks for wholesome natural foods.

Perhaps, the best book to start with would be the highly acclaimed book.
Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food by Ann Martin, December 2002 – 2nd edit. The author warn us that the pet food industry often puts outrageously foul ingredients into pet food to maximize profits. The FDA doesn’t really regulate the pet food industry instead compliance with the minimal regulations is voluntary. The list of ingredients permitted in pet food includes rendered road kill, euthanized pets from animal shelters and vet clinics, and other animal waste; processed poultry and cow feces collected from large agri-business operations; mercury-contaminated seafood which has been judged unfit for human consumption. They then give this a vaguely healthy sounding name, like animal by-products and the like.

Many times Veterinarians don’t question mainstream pet food company ingredients and diets as many veterinary students learn nutrition from elective classes influenced and paid for by pet food companies. The book also discusses issues about how pet food can be made at home using safe and human-quality ingredients, and she provides recipes and suggestions for supplements.

Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
Another popular and great book is Dr. Pitcairn’s New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats This book is the definitive guide to a natural lifestyle for dogs and cats. Veterinarian Richard H. Pitcairn and his wife Susan Hubble Pitcairn, noted specialists in chemical-free nutrition and natural healing for pets, show dog and cat owners how to provide the very best in companionship and lifelong care. the new edition now covers environmental matters, including pollutants both inside the home and out. They’ve updated dozens of recipes for delicious and healthful pet food and treats. With a guide to handling emergencies and an in-depth Quick Reference section, they give specific instructions for preventing, diagnosing, and treating a wide range of animal diseases and disorders with special attention to homeopathic, herbal, and nutritional remedies. (from the publisher’s blurb on Amazon)

There are several cookbooks for dogs available that seem quite good, have colorful happy graphics and talk about how cooking your pets food is vastly healthier and more natural. This can certainly be true, but be careful, many pet food cookbooks writers are perhaps more interested in selling you their book than in giving you sound nutritional advice. One book’s recipe had onions, bullion cubes called for in the recipe (many dogs can have a bad reaction to onions and bullion can be way too salty)
I suggest that if you buy a book from Amazon to read the reviews first to see if there might be any red flags.

One excellent source of information is the Whole Dog Journal.com This month they have an article on Home-Prepared Dog Food that might be worthwhile read. It’s an actual magazine subscription but can also be read online and they have a free 14 day trial if you like it, for $20.00 you get the 13 issues of Whole Dog Journal, as well as continued complete access to Whole-Dog-Journal.com. To see if this be something that interests you, check out their free sample article on “How to Chose Dog Food”

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All Natural Wood Chew for Small Animals

September 30th, 2016


Here’s a toy that might keep you entertained as you watch it entertain your pet.  Where will they chew next?  Will the all natural wood pieces fall out?  Your pet will devour the wood pieces that are brightly colored.  Or, the holes are conveniently small enough to place another treat inside, to keep them occupied.  Which will it be?  Comes in small and medium sizes.

Buy your small Wood Roll N Chew from Pet Shop Net for $3.70.

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Dust-free Hay Cubes for Small Animals

September 30th, 2016

dust free pressed hay cakes for small animals

What do you do when you have a small pet AND allergies? Easy! Look no further than the Timothy Hay cubes meant for all small animals. You might have an allergy to dust, but your guinea pig, rabbit, gerbil or hamster MUST have his hay. The solution are cubes made from pressed hay, which are dust free, making you sneeze free and your pet with a full tummy.

The dust free hay cubes can be purchased from Robbins Pet Care for $4.99 for a one pound bag.

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Eco-Friendly “Claw” Cat Tree

September 30th, 2016

Claw Cat Tree
“Claw” Cat Tree $84.00 from branchhome.com in a variety of colors

Is your kitty a “Modernist” at heart? If so, this artfully designed cat tree by Susan Kralavec will send your cat into new heights of ecstasy. This claw cat tree is handmade by Everyday Studio in San Francisco and is made out of corrugated cardboard with at least 35% recycled content and is constructed with all non-toxic materials. They claim it is extremely sturdy and will stand up to your cats clawing for a very long time and if you like you can lightly sand the cardboard to get rid of scratch marks. Shown above is a variety of possible types and configurations. 24″ long x 10″ wide x 12″ tall

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Chaise Lounge for Cats

September 30th, 2016

Is your home a palace for a fat and lazy cat? OK, that’s not nice, so do you have a cat that doesn’t move very much in your home? Here’s a great new addition to their collection – a Chaise Lounge for Cats! This chaise doesn’t look like a pet toy, but a classy piece for your living room. The chaise is perfect for the cat who likes to watch what goes on in a room and doze. Too bad they don’t make human sizes. Handcrafted of wood and perfect for your natural home.

Order your Cheeky Chaise Lounge from Pet Elegance for $119.99.

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Orbee Ball with Rope

September 30th, 2016

Orbee Ball with RopeMy dog got an orbee ball for xmas and she LOVES IT!! (she is quite the ball dog). This toy was voted the “world’s best dog ball”. It is non-toxic, peppermint scented and recyclable.
$8.00 to $18.00 depending on size at amazon

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Organic Kitty Bat Balls

September 30th, 2016

Cat Organic Bat Balls

Delightful and artful hand made earth friendly bat balls are not only green fun for you kitty but are a visual delight for both kitty and owner. Shown here are organic, dye-free wool and contains a safely enclosed bell in the center. washable.

Organic Cat Bat Balls ($4.95 sm. and 7.95 lg. http://www.purrfectplay.com/ also has organic balls for Dogs as well.

a video that shows off a variety of cat bat balls

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Solar dog house

September 30th, 2016

Solar Dog HouseSolar Dog House $1,299.99

Our dog has no interest being anywhere outside when we aren’t around but many dogs like being outside much of the day. I would imagine there are still some people out there whose dogs actually live outside and don’t sleep with you in your bed.
Those dogs deserve the finest in accommodations in that event. This solar dog house might just be the ticket. I thought at first maybe this dog house actually had solar panels but sadly this wasn’t the case. It just uses solar energy the old fashioned way. Here is a link that explains more about the whole phenomena of solar dog houses.

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Rid Fleas electronically and without nasty chemicals

September 30th, 2016

Flea Zapper
Lentek Flea Zapper Electronic Comb $35.95 at www.biconet.com
Eliminate fleas from your pet without the use of toxic chemicals in sprays, dips or powders. This comb emits a low electronic charge that is harmless to your pet, but deadly to fleas. Eliminates fleas on contact and works on many different hair types. Effective for kittens and puppies.

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A Cool new Dog Treats toy

September 30th, 2016

Tux Toy West Paw Design Recyclable and USA-made, $14.99 for 3 colors at just4pooches.com


Tux, a new dog treat toy, where you hide the treat in the cavity of the toy, keeps your dog focused on the toy and depending on how smart he is – entertained and engaged for some time. A great combination of the stuffable with the tossable dog treat toy and can take the punishment of an eager, mouthy dog.

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