Zisc Dog Frisbee

How can you save the planet and keep your dog entertained at the same time? Buy them a Zisc dog frisbee. Never heard of Zisc? It’s a brand new and completely cool concept. Ziscs are made from recycled, non-toxic materials that are completely safe in your dog’s mouth. And the best part – when it gets too chewed up to play with anymore – return it to the company! They will recycle it in to another dog toy instead of going in to a landfill. Ziscs come in orange, blue or green colors. Each Zisc is 8.5 inches in diameter, perfect for any sized dog.

Order your Zisc from West Paw Design for 11.00.

Originally posted 2009-02-23 19:53:45.

One Response to “Zisc Dog Frisbee”

  1. Animals Away
    March 3rd, 2009 14:00

    These will be great because my dog tears through all his frisbee’s now.