Get the Huck for Your Tough Pup

This cool-looking toy is designed for the dog with endless energy and a Master’s Degree in the art of toy destruction. Made of super-tough Zogoflex, made from recycled soda pop bottles – gives each toy a life beyond the usual week or two. Another plus is the fact it is made in the USA. The Huck’s unique shape allows it to bounce unpredictably, keeping your pup on his toes. He’ll love it, if he can catch it! Going for a swim? No worries, the Huck also floats. One nice feature of the WestPawDesign website is
the section for user comments. The majority of people (and there were a lot) commenting raved about how great this toy was but there were also a few that said their dogs were able to take a bite out of these Hucks after awhile.

Available in Tangerine Orange, Granny Smith Green, and Aqua Blue. Sold individually ($8.50 for small size, $12.50 for large) or by the case. West Paw Design