grooming wipes
Natural Grooming Wipes at Uptown $12.95

My dog loves organic grooming solutions – problem is her idea of what constitutes good grooming is radically different from mine. She thinks rolling in natural mud, dips in scummy ponds, and digging up some fresh earth is one true organic path. I have other ideas.

These grooming wipes might be just the thing to have handy in the car to clean up after her “spa treatments”. However, your car is more likely to be a new Lexis or Volvo than a vintage Camry. Tell you the truth, I probably will continue to use my beat up towel I keep handy for such a purpose – reusable and saves putting more paper products in the landfills. My dog and I tend to be more skeptical types.

Still, some people may marvel over the Green Tea Leaf Fragrance, the Aloe Vera moisturizer and the “exotic Hawaiian Awapuhi extract” to enhance your dog’s coat shine in the wipes. They also offer a Hypo-Allergenic and Fragrance free version.