Karma Organic Dog Food
Karma Organic Dog Food USDA 95% Certified Organic Dog Food

I have been increasingly worried about mainstream dog food. I have tried off and on to switch my dog to an healthier organic brand from the Eukanuba that she has been eating since a puppy. But every time we try, no matter how long we gradually introduce (typically a month or so of very gradually increasing the percentage) she will start having some rather nasty digestive side effects I won’t get into. I am thinking of giving it another chance with Karma Organic Dog food as it looks so promising and I am tired of giving my money to the big corporate dog food companies that are more concerned about their bottom line than the safety of our pets.

Hopefully I am not just being suckered into a marketing scam but I am impressed that Karma seems to use such high quality ingredients, with No artificial preservatives, colors or additives. They also state ” All our foods are free from chemical additives of any kind, including preservatives such as Ethoxyquin and BHA/BHT, which are frequently found in pet foods but are banned from human use in many countries.” They claim to strive to make the healthiest dog food in the world, providing USDA-inspected chicken, turkey and lamb, whole grain rice and barley, fresh fruits and vegetables.

If anyone uses this brand or has any suggestions about another brand that might even be better I would be curious to hear from you.