Spring is the time of year for your dog to shed. As some of you know, in our GreatGreen world, we own a golden retriever and she sheds alot! But this year is different because we had a FURminator! This thing is nothing short of amazing! I think I took off 5 pounds of hair off my dog this morning! The cool thing was, my dog…who has never been a HUGE fan of getting brushed and groomed sat perfectly still for the FURminator and seemed to like it! Pick the size that is best for your dog …also, there is a model especially made for cats. Less shedding = less vacuuming = less energy use!
$22.23 – $34.99 at Amazon

FURminator also makes “deshedding treats” …I have no idea how this can work, but know that the ingredients are filled Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids along with being high in protein and low in fat….and my dog loves them!
$12.95 at Amazon