Solar Cat Book The Return of the Solar Cat by Jim Augustyn 14.95 plus $4.05 shipping (purchase from Solar Cat Website)
To help balance out that bad-boy water wasting cat on our last post’s video – here is a book about cats doing all the right green things. The author, Jim Augustyn states from his website: ” It’s based on the idea that cats know a lot more about solar energy than people do, and that people can learn a lot about solar energy from cats. It pokes fun at people, cats, their habits and addictions, explaining the elements and language of solar energy, its history and even a little about its politics, in a gentle, often subtle way that wanders from the serious to the silly.”
The Los Angeles Times says of this book:
“…we learn about the similarities between cats and solar collectors; we learn about the insulating value of fur; and pretty soon we learn that “The Solar Cat Book” is as much about solar energy as it is about cats. The joke is on us – but it is a pleasant joke, a wry and witty joke, and a gently instructive joke, too.”
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