Solar Cat!

Solar Cat Book The Return of the Solar Cat by Jim Augustyn 14.95 plus $4.05 shipping (purchase from Solar Cat Website)
To help balance out that bad-boy water wasting cat on our last post’s video – here is a book about cats doing all the right green things. The author, Jim Augustyn states from his website: ” It’s based on the idea that cats know a lot more about solar energy than people do, and that people can learn a lot about solar energy from cats. It pokes fun at people, cats, their habits and addictions, explaining the elements and language of solar energy, its history and even a little about its politics, in a gentle, often subtle way that wanders from the serious to the silly.”
The Los Angeles Times says of this book:
“…we learn about the similarities between cats and solar collectors; we learn about the insulating value of fur; and pretty soon we learn that “The Solar Cat Book” is as much about solar energy as it is about cats. The joke is on us – but it is a pleasant joke, a wry and witty joke, and a gently instructive joke, too.”
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Originally posted 2007-03-02 13:03:21.

2 Responses to “Solar Cat!”

  1. Jim Augustyn
    March 5th, 2007 15:01

    I recently asked the current head of the International Solar Cat Society why cats, and in fact dogs as well, never seem to actually be green – in fur color that is. They can be black and white and brown, golden, speckeled, and all sorts of other colors and patterns, but never actually green! Sure, you can paint them green, or fuss with their digital images in photoshop, but in the real world – there are no green cats. Why is this?

    Chaircat Baron Ernest von Pinkle Purr reminds us that there is really no good reason why cats need to be green, so what’s the big fuss? Long, long ago they devised perfectly good ways to use sunlight for their own purposes, without ever being literally “green”. Green happens to be the color which plants have specialized in to perfect their photosynthic processes. That’s fine, but you don’t have to be green to be good. That would be silly! Cats of all colors have developed the means to use solar energy and use it very effectively!

    Yet it’s fine for people to think of the color green having inherently beneficial qualities. People are still learning, and will will eventually learn that cats and people of all colors and patterns can rely on the sun for all the energy they will ever need.

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