CatBib – helps prevent Bird Kills from your cat $8.95 from

There are an estimated 60 million cats in the US and its probably safe to say that a significant percentage, perhaps a majority, are let out by their owners to prowl outside. Many cat owners probably think this is only natural and to prevent your cat from going outside would be inhumane. The problem is with all of these cats hunting birds and other small prey, they tip the natural ecological balance in favor of cats. House cats are probably the leading killer of birds, who are also threatened by their habitats being destroyed by developments and the like.

The Audubon Society states that “keeping cats indoors ensures that birds outdoors stay safe. Cats, too, benefit, as they’ll be exposed to less risk of disease, parasites, predation, poison, and accidents. According the to American Humane Society, cats that are allowed to roam outside live an average of 3 years while indoor cats typically reach an average age of 15 years.”

Keeping your cat indoors may be the best answer but old habits die hard for many and another solution is the CatBib from Their website claims it in no way bothers or interferes with the cat’s activities outdoors and is completely safe. The bib only interferes with the cats ability to catch birds. While that may piss off the cat – you will feel better knowing you aren’t helping contributing to bird slaughters.
They have a page of many testimonials saying how well it works.
Here a good link for more information on this issue from an article in the Guardian.