Green DeIcer for pets
SafePaw to protect your pet’s paws and the environment.

Right now its snowing and freezing rain here in Boston and I have to go down to shovel and de-ice our walk. My neighbor uses SafePaw and highly recommends it, sadly, I have to go across the street to see if I can borrow some – as I was thinking maybe we could squeek by this winter with no snow. Here is the scoop on SafePaw…

From SafePaw’s fact sheet “Children, pets, surfaces and the environment can be adversely affected by the use of rock salt and salt-based ice melter products used by households in the winter. A recent national survey shows that 60 percent of American households use these products in the winter. And, an alarming 62 percent are unaware of the health dangers associated with the use of these products. Safe Paw is the only 100 percent salt-free ice melter on the market and is 100 percent safe for children, pets, surfaces and the environment. It is the smart and safe product to use with winter, and Safe Paw’s pellets are green to make it easy for consumers to know the difference.”
Here is a link to the rest of the article.