farting dogEasy Being Green used to sell “flatulence cards” for your dog and cat to help offset your pet’s carbon pawprint. However they have since gone out of business it seems. But don’t let that stop you – you can go to other sites such as Carbon Jar and negotiate a personal carbon offset for as little as $2.25 per week. While most people likely prefer to address their own carbon footprint; your pet also causes a certain amount of carbon to be emitted, such things as the making of pet foods, the transportation of pet foods and similar items, the drive to vet appointments, and the manufacture of untold millions of squeaky toys and tennis balls!

Of course the methane that gets released into the atmosphere after a delicious bowls of kibble is nothing but trouble! Here is a link to a good Guardian article called “Tackling the carbon pawprint” about various effects pets have on the environment.
The flatulence cards are a novel way to both draw attention to this issue and to make efforts to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But one wonders if carbon offsetting isn’t just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic! While its great that EasyBeingGreen is using the money to install energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs and water-saving shower heads in houses in New South Wales, Australia but will this really have anything more than a novelty effect? Still you have to give them credit for cleverness. Here is a link to a National Geographic article about this company.