Scooperbox $11.99 for a package of 30 from

If the idea that your dog’s poop will be immortalized for the next thousand years or so in a landfill somewhere – where future archaeologists might determine what goodies your dog scarfed up yesterday makes you a little queasy, then perhaps here is one solution.

The Scooperbox is made of 100% recycled material and is completely biodegradable. If the approx. 40 cents a poop doesn’t scare you off – you are getting a primo solution to an important eco-pet issue. Another area the scooperbox claims to excel over the plastic bag is by scooping it with the cardboard you can get better leverage over a variety of surfaces, and eliminates the gross, squishy touch of the messier ones.

Their website is currently offering the leash clip for the box for free if you buy the scooperbox package now– worth $5. Great Green Pets has previous dogpoop article,what’s the green solution for getting rid of dog poop that discusses a variety of approaches and solutions.

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