wheatgrass for pets
Grow your own organic wheatgrass

My dog loves grass, she can’t seem to munch enough of it whenever we go to our nearby Boston park which doesn’t seem to use pesticides or herbicides. However, in a few weeks we are moving to San Diego and I suspect the little precious grass they have in this desert climate there will be much more likely to be treated with chemicals. So I have been looking into some healthy alternatives that won’t cost me a fortune and wanted to share my initial findings.

Cats, dogs and many other pets seem to instinctively want to eat grass. By eating grasses they obtain important vitamins and minerals as well as adding more fiber to their diet. So many pet stores are selling little trays of pet grass – but I suspect the tiny but expensive amount they offer are just for pampered gerbils, my dog would be asking for more in about 30 seconds. So, if I am going to start growing my own I am going to need a cheaper solution. Smaller dogs and cats probably won’t need as much but you might want to save money anyway as well as have greater control over the quality of the grass.

If you want to get a kit that includes all you need to grow your own then check out wheatgrasskits.com who offers a kit with 5lbs of certified organic wheatgrass seed, 5 trays for growing, 1 bag of soil, and instructions – all for 15.95

wheatgrass seed in bulk
If you have a green thumb and are willing to get your instructions, soil and potting trays on your own then can save money by going to wheatgrassman.com and buying a bag of certified wheatgrass seed – you can get 4lbs for just $6.95 or if you know your pet is going to love this stuff then spring for the 25 or 50lb bag and save even more money at $20.95 and $37.95 respectively.