Canine Coat Mists

Canine Coat Mists $13.00 Variety of types at Cyber Canine
Lavender Fresh, Marjoram Calming, Earthy, Citrus Peel, Chamomile, Bite This!

An elegant spritz for when your dog needs some extra help in smelling good. Also many of these sprays are a good organic way to help keep away fleas and other insects. They are not only good for coat odors but also have anti-bacterial properties and may help with skin rashes, chapped skin and other coat and skin problems. Check out Cyber Canine’s website for more info on which types may be best for your dog.

Our dog loves to go swimming as often as possible but with her long Golden Retriever coat she can get a moldy smell quickly – this spray would be perfect for the times in between shampoos.