Natural Tree Cat Furniture

cat tree
Check out these artfully created cat furniture from naturaltreefurniture.com

An amazing selection of inventive and playful designs of trees, benchs, hollow logs, scratching posts, etc. Ranges in size from huge cat trees big enough for the select few who keep 30 or more cats to more reasonable 1 cat affairs. Prices range from over 2,000 to less than 100.00. These trees practically make you want to become a cat yourself! Made from sustainably harvested timbers which they treat for 3 days in a wood fired kiln to safely rid all pests and apply a hand waxed non-toxic finish.

Natural Tree Furniture website states “Our steadfast commitment to conservation through recovery, recycling and reuse involves the practice of unique environmental standards and principles.”

Here are a few more selections from the many they offer on their website.

cat furniture
cat furniture
cat furniture

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