Behavioral problems in pets are often caused by anxiety or stress. If your cat starts to urinate on the carpet he may be upset about a change in his routine. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety he may chew and destroy the furniture when you are out.While training is the answer to many behavioral issues, if it’s a case of anxiety causing changes in behavior, then finding a way to calm your pet may be all that is needed.

This pheromone collar mimics the pheromone produced by the mother to calm her pups or kittens.Your pet can wear the collar all the time or just when a stressful situation is anticipated. Whether it works or not depends on the animal and on the reasons for the behavior, but the collar is fairly cheap, lasts for a month and is worth a try if you think your pet just needs a little soothing to deal with the stress in his or her life!

The Good Behavior Pheromone Collar costs $10.99 from Only Natural Pet Store