Fleas and ticks can make spring and summer a misery for pets and pet owners alike. You have to do something about them otherwise your house will become infested and your pet will never stop scratching, but spending a fortune on poisonous tick and flea products that don’t always work goes against the grain. And what do you do if your pet reacts badly to the chemicals in the product with a skin rash or worse? These natural cotton collars come with a herbal insect repellent that keeps fleas, ticks and other insects away from your pet. The active ingredients are citronella, lemongrass, cedar, rosemary oils in a sesame oil carrier. The oils smell quite strong when first applied and can be quite messy to reapply, but this system generally seems to be effective and has the bonus of being completely natural. Comes in sizes for both cats and dogs.

Priced at $8.49 for a starter pack from Only Natural Pet Store