Natural Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin

If your dog keeps on scratching with allergies and dry itchy skin, then this Comfy Dog shampoo could well help. It uses human grade oatmeal in suspension which really gets to work soothing and healing the itch.

Made with all natural ingredients, this shampoo also has peppermint for antiseptic and insect repelling, burdock as an anti inflammatory, calendula to soothe and heal, and frankincense for sensitive skin, so it should smell pretty good too! It rinses out easily, so there is no residue to cause more itching.

Not the cheapest pet shampoo, but worth it for the results.

Costs $14 from Happy Tails

Originally posted 2011-05-27 10:10:26.

One Response to “Natural Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin”

  1. naganpets
    June 4th, 2011 13:47

    Natural dog shampoo it is good for our lovely pets to prevent flea and for itchy skin,to avoid scratching allergies.It is so nice because it come from natural ingredient.its so smell fresh.