Cat Toilet Seat
The Feline Evolution CatSeat $119.00 from Tails by the Lake

Dump the eco-unfriendly litterbox! Instead consider the The Feline Evolution CatSeat. Cat litter is often made with clay or other minerals – many times from environmentally-damaging mining and can be toxic or unhealthy when dumped in the landfill. Cat feces also can carry the toxocara parasite and toxiplasma disease. This new cat seat will also prevent the litter from soiling and smelling up your home. The CatSeat can be used like a normal litter-box on the floor, or it can be mounted to your toilet. The website claims training your cat to use this seat is easy. hmmmm this sounds good but I wonder how often that has been put to the test. But cats can be pretty smart when they put there minds to it, actually here is a link to a video that shows you can train your cat to use a regular toilet so you don’t even have to buy this, you can also train them to flush the toilet (see the video we posted showing a cat repeatedly flushing a toilet here.)

Other alternatives to kitty litter, made of sawmill wastes, straw, biodegradable corn or even hemp, are lighter, fully biodegradable, and can be either flushed away, or preferably composted or buried in soil, providing a permanent solution. Said to be softer on the paws, as well!