Great Dog Site
Great Dog Site, A Place for Dogs is a new site that I have been checking out over the last few days. It provides lots of information on 350 different dog breeds. I checked out a few of my favorite breeds: Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Doberman Pinscher and Border Collie. The site has some great photos and also discusses features for each breed such as: Ideal Environment, Maintenance, Origin, Health. The cool part about this site is that you can easily edit and add your additional comments and information. With a click of the mouse it is added to the site (don’t tell the spammers about this one!) In addition you can ask questions about individual breeds. I did see some folks had asked a Weirmaraner question and got a great answer from the site owner. You can also upload your own photos to compliment the information that is already available. If you are looking to become a dog owner and you are still in the breed selection phase, the Great Dog Site would be a great place to compare and contrast to make your final decision. My criticisms of the site are that a few pages looked wonky in my browser (mainly when I was cruising through the “W”‘s) and that even though there are separate buttons for “All Breeds” and “Pure Breeds” the content seems to be the exact same list of dogs.

This was a paid review.