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Wholesome Harvest Organic Farming Coop – On Line shopping is available.

Wholesome Harvest is a group of 40 small family farms who sell top of the line certified organic meats. They are committed to environmental and organic principles that go well beyond USDA organic standards. They primarily offer meats for people but they do have a section on their website devoted to organic pet food meats, a variety of select organ meats.

One interesting feature of their website is that you can trace the actual family and photo whose farm has raised the meat from a number on the package. (Hopefully there won’t be too many people bugging the families with emails asking for the cow’s name and how she used to spend her day!)

They sold me on what they are doing with this quote;
“Wholesome Harvest is helping to connect farmers to consumers and offering an alternative to cruel factory farms, environmentally harmful feedlot-production methods, and the importation of meat from other countries. These practices are devastating to rural American communities. By purchasing Wholesome Harvest, customers can choose to support small family farms that practice the highest levels of environmental and animal stewardship.”