Raw food is supposed to be the best for pets, being closer to their natural diet, but for pet owners this can be complicated and messy to provide. These ready-prepared and frozen raw foods are carefully put together for a balanced raw diet and frozen in either 1oz medallions, 8oz patties or 2lb chubs for convenient serving sizes. Some of the benefits of a raw food diet are better coat condition and general health, and reduced backyard clear-up, as most of the food is digested and there are no grain fillers. The meats are free-range or organic, and all are antibiotic and hormone free. 95% of the diet is made up of quality meat, bones and organs and the final 5% contains organic sprouts, fruits vegetables and salmon oil for a complete balanced diet. The foods are shipped frozen, so express delivery is recommended.

Costs from $6.49 at Only Natural Pet Store.