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Solar dog house

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Solar Dog HouseSolar Dog House $1,299.99

Our dog has no interest being anywhere outside when we aren’t around but many dogs like being outside much of the day. I would imagine there are still some people out there whose dogs actually live outside and don’t sleep with you in your bed.
Those dogs deserve the finest in accommodations in that event. This solar dog house might just be the ticket. I thought at first maybe this dog house actually had solar panels but sadly this wasn’t the case. It just uses solar energy the old fashioned way. Here is a link that explains more about the whole phenomena of solar dog houses.

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Solar Cat!

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Solar Cat Book The Return of the Solar Cat by Jim Augustyn 14.95 plus $4.05 shipping (purchase from Solar Cat Website)
To help balance out that bad-boy water wasting cat on our last post’s video – here is a book about cats doing all the right green things. The author, Jim Augustyn states from his website: ” It’s based on the idea that cats know a lot more about solar energy than people do, and that people can learn a lot about solar energy from cats. It pokes fun at people, cats, their habits and addictions, explaining the elements and language of solar energy, its history and even a little about its politics, in a gentle, often subtle way that wanders from the serious to the silly.”
The Los Angeles Times says of this book:
“…we learn about the similarities between cats and solar collectors; we learn about the insulating value of fur; and pretty soon we learn that “The Solar Cat Book” is as much about solar energy as it is about cats. The joke is on us – but it is a pleasant joke, a wry and witty joke, and a gently instructive joke, too.”
more reviews here…

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