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Eco-Friendly Tuckered Out Bed

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

West Paw Design Eco-Friendly Tuckered Out Bed
Pet beds that look good, fit in with your décor, are eco-friendly and that your pet actually loves aren’t always easy to come by. This washable bumper pet bed is filled with eco-friendly and very soft fiber made from recycled soda bottles and it stands up to tough use without flattening. The covers zip off easily for washing. Best of all, pets really love this design with the bumper pillow making them feel secure and nested. A great way for them, and you, to get a great night’s sleep and keep them off the furniture!

Priced from $65.99 from Only Natural Pet Store

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Hemp Dog Blanket

Monday, April 18th, 2016

No one likes to step on a cold floor, so how do you think it would feel to sleep on one? Awful! Get your dog a hemp blanket to lay on the floor and provide a soft, warm spot to sleep at night. The hemp blanket is great for any sized dog as it measures 42″ x 58″. One side is hemp canvas and the other is recycled fleece making this blanket machine washable! The hemp blanket is available in four, hand dyed colors: blueberry, ash, green and tangerine.

Order your hemp dog blanket from Earth Dog for $108.

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Bamboo Pet Bowl

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016


Pet feeding bowls aren’t all that glamorous, but if you are being as eco-friendly as possible then it’s great to know that there are green options in bowls too. Renewable and bio-degradable bamboo makes an excellent replacement for plastic in feeding bowls. It is dishwasher safe and durable, non-toxic and affordable. When you are finished with it, it can safely be disposed of without harming the environment, as it is biodegradable. This bowl comes in a natural oatmeal color.

Costs $5.59 from Amazon.com

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Bowsers Eco+ Orbit Dog Bed

Monday, December 7th, 2015

The following is a paid review:
For the treehugging doggy in your life. This stylish bed (which comes in three colors: Sienna (shown), Whistler Gray and Rainforest) is perfect for all dogs who lead an active lifestyle. I know my dog, Zola, would especially love the bolster on this bed. It lets him sleep but keep one eye open just in case a human may go near the cookie jar!

The bottom of this bed is comprised of waterproof nylon which lets this bed work just as well indoors as outdoors. Perfect if you want to take your dog with you camping or boating. Your pup will stay nice and dry while the bottom of the bed keeps the moisture and cold away.

The bed is comfy and soft since it is filled with fleece fabric constructed from recycled plastic soda pop bottles. It is estimated by Bowsers that this particular bed helps eliminate up to 30 pop bottles from ending up in the landfill.

The best part is that the bolster and cushion cover can be unzipped and easily removed and thrown in the washing machine and dryer. This allows you to keep this bed fresh and clean for years to come. And we all know that purchasing a quality pet bed that can last many dog years will be the best eco-friendly decision a human can make. Zola says; “pass the cookies!”
$89.95 at Designer Doggy

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Personalized Dog Collar In Soy Fabric

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Soy fabric is soft and tough, and very eco-friendly as a by-product of soy food processing. Soy is anti-bacterial and odor resistant, as well as being soft on the skin, so is perfect for pets with sensitive skin. All natural dyes in cranberry, indigo, rose or olive make these collars even more attractive and earth friendly.

The collars can be personalized with names and numbers as an extra precaution against your pet being lost. Not the cheapest dog collars on the market, but they are definitely sturdy and good quality, and the personalizing is worth paying a bit more for.

Costs $ 19.75 from Fetch Dog

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“Claw” Scratch for Cats

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Are you as finicky about your cat and his toys as he is about food? Then this “claw” is for you! The claw is a durable toy, yet classy piece to keep on display in the living room. Claw is a scratching post with an artsy feel to it that you and your cat will enjoy. You might even appreciate it more than he does! The claw is modeled after the 1970s artist Frank Gehry’s work. This piece is made of 100% corrugated cardboard and painted with non-toxic paint. Perfect to keep your feline friend’s claws off the furniture and where they should be.

Order your Claw from Everyday Studio for $85.

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Herbal Shampoo And Conditioner For Flea Free Pets

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

When you are taking a natural approach to caring for your pet, this herbal shampoo and conditioner makes a great weapon against fleas and ticks. Not only that but it contains natural ingredients  that nourish and soothe your pets’ skin and fur and keeping it in great condition. Fleas and ticks on your pet are killed instantly and the scent of the oils remains on the fur, repelling insects for several days. For really effective results it is best used in conjunction with other flea remedies such as garlic tablets taken internally, as well as treating your home and yard naturally for fleas. 70% of the ingredients in the products are organic as well as natural and they are non-toxic and very pet-friendly.

Costs $23.99 for shampoo and conditioner from Only Natural Pet Store

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Washable Reusable Dog Diapers

Saturday, July 4th, 2015

If your faithful friend is getting old and incontinent, these re-usable dog diapers could make all the difference. You don’t want to spend your time getting irritated with him for those dribbles and messes he can’t help. This way they are contained and you can just wash the diaper and re-use it.

It’s not just old dogs that can use these. Pet owners also use them for dogs on heat, not just to keep the mess under wraps but also  to keep their females safe from unwanted male attentions!

These dog diapers come in a variety of sizes to fit most dogs. They are machine washable and dryable so a 2-pack should be enough unless you have a severely incontinent pet. They are not very cheap but would work out considerably cheaper than disposable diapers over a long period and are much better for the environment, so make a greener choice overall.

Dog Diapers cost between $21.99 and 47.99 depending on size from Only Natural Pet Store.

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Stainless Steel Pet Water Bottles

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Keeping hydrated is important for pets as well as humans, so when you’re out and about with your dog, it makes sense to take along water for him too. Now that plastic bottles have such a bad press, stainless steel is the cleanest and safest container to keep your water fresh and pure.

These stainless bottles are specially designed with a roller ball top, so that your pet can lick water straight from the bottle, which could be convenient when you don’t want to carry a bowl along too. These bottles look pretty cool and trendy and come in four bright colors.

Just make sure you don’t get your water bottle confused with his, unless you want to share doggie saliva!

Costs $16.95 from Jake’s Dog House

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Bio-degradable Dog Waste Pick-up Bags

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Living in the city means you have to pick up after your dog, but most bags designed for the job are just creating more plastic for the landfill.

These biodegradable bags are the green alternative. They look like plastic and are strong enough and thick enough  to do the job with no mess, but will break down in the compost  quite quickly.

Of course you don’t want to add dog poop to a compost heap that will be used on your veggie garden, but  you could create a separate compost heap for using on ornamental plants if you are planning to compost these yourself.

Otherwise you can just drop them in the trash, knowing that at least the poop bag won’t be creating a plastic island in the middle of any oceans any time in the future.

Pack of 100 bags costs $9.95 from at SitStay.com

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