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Organic cotton car seat cover

Organic Cotton Quilted Car Seat Cover $68.00 at My dog loves a good romp through mud puddles, rolling in a choice spot with just the right scent, and digging holes to “bury” her ball. When its time to...

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Snuggle Loopies

Only big doggies will get caught snuggling up to the “Snuggle Loopie” but once they do, look out, they may have a new best friend. Best friend? That’s supposed to be you, dude. $10.50 at...

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Recycled Blankets for your dog!!

These hemp and recycled fleece blankets are so soft and cuddly it reminds me of my dog, Zola. It is handmade by the folks at Earthdog. Comes in three colors: blue, green, plum.$80.00 at Robbins Pet...

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