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Biodegradable Rubber Dog Boots in Fun Colors

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Winter walks in snow and ice aren’t much fun for some dogs, who get clumps of ice forming  around paws making them sore and painful. These biodegradable rubber dog boots could be the answer, protecting paws not just from the cold and wet but also from the chemicals used in road salt and any other irritations.

They are made from a biodegradable rubber, stretchy and waterproof. With no zippers they just fit onto the paws and stay on well, but are thin enough for your dog to feel the ground. They can be re-used a few times and then disposed of when they are worn out.

Available in several bright colors they come in packs of 12. While perhaps not the cheapest and greenest of options (they are biodegradable, but can’t be used more than a few times each), at least they make your pet more comfortable in bad weather conditions and any other times they need extra paw protection.

Costs between $14.99 and $18.49 for packet of 12 from Only Natural Pet Store.

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Natural Pheromone Collar For Calming Dogs and Cats

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Behavioral problems in pets are often caused by anxiety or stress. If your cat starts to urinate on the carpet he may be upset about a change in his routine. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety he may chew and destroy the furniture when you are out.While training is the answer to many behavioral issues, if it’s a case of anxiety causing changes in behavior, then finding a way to calm your pet may be all that is needed.

This pheromone collar mimics the pheromone produced by the mother to calm her pups or kittens.Your pet can wear the collar all the time or just when a stressful situation is anticipated. Whether it works or not depends on the animal and on the reasons for the behavior, but the collar is fairly cheap, lasts for a month and is worth a try if you think your pet just needs a little soothing to deal with the stress in his or her life!

The Good Behavior Pheromone Collar costs $10.99 from Only Natural Pet Store

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Personalized Dog Collar In Soy Fabric

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Soy fabric is soft and tough, and very eco-friendly as a by-product of soy food processing. Soy is anti-bacterial and odor resistant, as well as being soft on the skin, so is perfect for pets with sensitive skin. All natural dyes in cranberry, indigo, rose or olive make these collars even more attractive and earth friendly.

The collars can be personalized with names and numbers as an extra precaution against your pet being lost. Not the cheapest dog collars on the market, but they are definitely sturdy and good quality, and the personalizing is worth paying a bit more for.

Costs $ 19.75 from Fetch Dog

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Soy Fabric Dog Harness

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Soy fiber is one of the latest eco-friendly fabrics and is beautifully soft and strong. This simple dog harness is much softer than conventional harnesses and a beautiful mellow cranberry color. It fits dogs from 16 inches to 24 inches in girth. If you are looking for eco-friendly products that are kind to your pet this is a good choice. Soy is also known for its anti-bacterial properties so is great for dogs with sensitive skin too.

Costs $17.99 at Amazon.

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Wagging for Your Cause! Wagging Green Pet Fashions

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

The most style-conscious pets wear Wagging Green. These super stylish (and highly publicized) undyed pet fashions use special hand-stitched techniques to eliminate the use of dyes in these biodegradable bamboo creations!

The eco friendly line of pet collars, leashes and even small doggie t-shirts are artfully crafted from 100% natural bamboo. This ethical fiber is famed for its natural antibacterial properties and easy care. Plus, donning your pet in these comfy duds aids in the well being of the rest of us. That’s right: Collections with nicknames such as Mod Dog, Fresh in the City and Save the Pack help to raise proceeds for green causes that aid in finding alternative energy, preserving food and water, and several other causes. Ethically priced, too; about $21 for collars and $15 for a doggie t-shirt! Find ’em at the Wagging Green site.

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Cloudburst Dog Jacket

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015


This dog jacket is made of 100% recycled polyester. It’s also recyclable.  In addition to keeping your dog warm and comfortable when it’s cold outside, the jacket has reflective patches to help keep him safe from cars. Available from Go Green Pet Supplies for $48.00.

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Silly Kitty Breakaway Hemp Cat Collars

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

hemp kitty collar

These colorful collars are made of environmentally- friendly hemp.  They won’t give you or your cat a buzz (sorry), but they will keep your kitty safe by letting him escape if it the collar gets snagged on anything.  As a bonus, these collars are quite reasonably priced at $9.99 from Only Natural Pet Store.

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Earthdog Adjustable Hemp Dog Collars

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

earthdog collars

These adjustable collars are made from eco-friendly hemp rather than the normal petroleum-based materials. They are strong, machine-washable and come in your choice of two cute, unisex patterns.  Available from Eco-Pet for $19.00.

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Save the Earth Dog Collars

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

For the eco-dog with a mission to save the planet, these stylish Wagging Green collars are a must!  Nine designs each support an important environmental cause with style and humor. A percentage of the profits from each design go to support the relevant cause.

So there is Fresh In The City, devoted to reducing greenhouse emissions; Eco Dog, conserving our forests; and Save The Pack, saving endangered wildlife, as well as several more.

Each collar is made from natural un-dyed webbing with a bamboo fiber, screen printed design sewn on. They are washable and tough as well as hypoallergenic, so should suit most pets.

Currently on sale at Only Natural Pet Store between $10.92 and $18.04 depending on size.

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Soft Hemp Cat Collars

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

This Silly Kitty range of natural hemp cat collars is great for pets with sensitive skin or who just get irritated by other collars. The hemp is strong but very soft and wears well. The style is the safety breakaway collar design and is easy to put on, staying on fairly well, though determined kitties can get them off!

The best thing about these hemp collars is that cats find them comfortable and don’t have problems with them rubbing their skin or wanting to scratch the whole time. Plus they come in a great range of colors. Oh and of course hemp is a really eco-friendly choice with a low environmental impact, so these collars are good for your pet and good for the planet!

Breakaway Hemp Cats Collars cost $9.99 from Only Natural Pet Store