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100% Organically grown catnip Cats Balls

Your cat will love to chase this ball all over the house. These balls are bigger than a golf ball, but smaller than a tennis ball. Because they are soft, your cat can grab them with his claws, bunny kick them and rub his or her...

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Catnip Kitty Cigar Toy

What do you buy your pampered “fat cat” who has everything? A nice cigar, that’s what. These toys are filled with premium catnip that will make your furry friend purr. They’re also 100% organic. Catnip...

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Eco-Friendly “Claw” Cat Tree

“Claw” Cat Tree $84.00 from in a variety of colors Is your kitty a “Modernist” at heart? If so, this artfully designed cat tree by Susan Kralavec will send your cat into new heights of...

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Chaise Lounge for Cats

Is your home a palace for a fat and lazy cat? OK, that’s not nice, so do you have a cat that doesn’t move very much in your home? Here’s a great new addition to their collection – a Chaise Lounge for...

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Organic Kitty Bat Balls

Delightful and artful hand made earth friendly bat balls are not only green fun for you kitty but are a visual delight for both kitty and owner. Shown here are organic, dye-free wool and contains a safely enclosed bell in the...

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Earthbath All Natural Cat Wipes

These cat wipes are designed to clean, deodorize, and reduce the amount of dander and dried saliva on your cat’s fur. I doubt these would make a big difference for allergy sufferers, unless the allergies were very mild....

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