Brewer’s Yeast and Garlic Protect Naturally Against Fleas

When fleas are biting, it’s not enough just to bath your pet occasionally. If you are looking for a natural approach to fighting fleas, then giving your dog or cat brewer’s yeast tablets with garlic, can be an effective part of your campaign. Both ingredients work to support the immune system and they are also both said to make your pet less attractive to fleas. However they work, they do seem to help keep fleas away from your pets, when given regularly. These tablets are best used in conjunction with various other natural flea treatments, especially if you are dealing with any level of infestation. They won’t get rid of a flea problem on their own, but do work well as a preventative measure.  By keeping your pet healthy they will also help him avoid other ill-effects of flea and tick infestation. Some dogs love the tablets and beg for them, while others are less keen, so try them out on your pet and see. This is an inexpensive way of helping keep your pet healthy and flea free and well worth a try. Costs $7.99 for 500 tablets from Only Natural Pet Store

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