leash made from soda tops
Soda pop-top dog leash, ‘Red, White and Blue’ $34.95 from Novica

Neide Ambrosio, a Brazilian artisan, make artfully designed dog leashs apparently made from recycled Soda pop-top. When I first saw this leash online I worried these might not be as eco-friendly is one might hope, that maybe the tops were bought in bulk rather than found/post-consumer soda tops, the reason I wonder is that it looks so perfect and the sheer volume of so many different and equally wonderful items that she makes and with such a professional marketing that it gives the appearance of a much larger operation than one expects from a single local artisan. But as this article from Inside Bay Area about the increasingly popular Brazilian soda pop top crafts points out there are many co-ops which buy soda pop tops from local street people who scavenge for these tops. Hopefully this artist is getting a fair trade for her marvelous work. Neide Ambrosio provides a background story on the Novica site.

She also offers at Novica a “Shiny Pink” Soda pop-top collar for $28.95
Dog collar made from soda tops