Winter walks in snow and ice aren’t much fun for some dogs, who get clumps of ice forming  around paws making them sore and painful. These biodegradable rubber dog boots could be the answer, protecting paws not just from the cold and wet but also from the chemicals used in road salt and any other irritations.

They are made from a biodegradable rubber, stretchy and waterproof. With no zippers they just fit onto the paws and stay on well, but are thin enough for your dog to feel the ground. They can be re-used a few times and then disposed of when they are worn out.

Available in several bright colors they come in packs of 12. While perhaps not the cheapest and greenest of options (they are biodegradable, but can’t be used more than a few times each), at least they make your pet more comfortable in bad weather conditions and any other times they need extra paw protection.

Costs between $14.99 and $18.49 for packet of 12 from Only Natural Pet Store.