Have you ever wondered what the best possible toy there is on the market for your pets?  I certainly did not, but that does not mean that every single marketer in every single pet company did not try to find the top selling items to market it to you.  Potentially, sometimes the gifts are the kind of gift that keeps on giving, including to you.   For example, does your dog chew on your shoes, or your curtains, or your pants, or your socks, or your underwear, your kids’ stuffed animals, your newspaper collection, the toilet paper, or really anything else it can get a hold of?  I have seen it.  You often times have to put baby gates up to keep your dog out of the room.  Not anymore!  It’s the time that you, celebrate a bit,  and go to buy some toys for your pets.  This all sounds nice and dandy, but what should I buy for my beloved FurKid?  Is there such a thing as a most popular gift on your pet’s lists list?

Well, we have addressed our plan of attack, so let us go shopping.  If your dog likes to chew on things, go and buy it a bacon flavored wishbone chew toy.  This toy is so cutting edge.  It has a patented ergonomic design.  Because they curved it into a wishbone shape, it allows dogs to pop-up one end and get a satisfying chew going.  It also contains deep grooves which allow pups to get a good bite and increased surface area for improved scent and flavor.  If in particular, your pet likes to chew on stuffed animals, well then go out and get it some stuffed animals of its own.  There is a terrific company called Kong that makes all kinds of stuffed animals for dogs.  There is a moose, an alligator, a dog, a squirrel, an elephant, a rabbit, a lion, a rhino, a monkey, and a lamb.  Wow!!  There are more stuffed animals for the dog than for our actual children.  As well as many various chew toys that I can’t even to begin to describe them all.

You can learn new things every day in the weirdest of places.  So why is it that dogs love to chew things?  For adult dogs, chewing is nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing also combats boredom and can relieve anxiety or frustration. Without an acceptable outlet for the natural instinct to chew, many dogs will turn to destructive chewing in the home. Success comes when teaching dogs acceptable chewing behaviors from the start. KONG toys come in a variety of formulas from puppy to adult to senior, so they can grow with your dog. For all dogs—regardless of chewing temperament—supervise play until you’re confident the dog won’t destroy the toy. Be sure to replace any toy with cuts, tears or rips.

So we discussed chewing up things, which is primarily a dog action.  What about cats?  They tend to like to scratch and tear a lot of things.  Is there a great gift suitable to keep them entertained?  Low and behold, they have created a toy called a Turbo scratcher toy.  Does anybody really know what this thing is?  In the center of the Turbo Scratcher, there is a textured scratch pad surface.  Which I guess is great because then your cat can scratch away whenever it has the itch to do it, the center is surrounded by a channel for a small ball.  What you do is you place a ball in the channel and this will let your cat nudge the ball with its nose or shove it with its paw.  This is certainly entertaining for the cat.  I am not exactly sure how this toy is so attractive to the cat, but I have been told that it works with a cat’s instinct for hunting and pouncing, and thus pouncing on the ball.  Keeping cats entertained will reduce the potential for furniture damage from scratching. Sprinkle organic catnip on the scratch pad for added excitement. Also, a great way to get your cat oriented to a new toy. The included scratch pad is double sided; just flip over for a new scratching surface.

Sometimes there is just an itch or surface area that you really need to scratch. Cats have itches that need to be scratched.  There is a toy out there called a facial massager for your cat!  I could not believe it almost as much as when I heard about this next gift idea.  Sometimes we buy gifts for our pets, but they actually could be a gift for us, if that makes sense.  There is something called a Dog Selfie Stick.  I am not kidding you.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw this.  We are definitely thoroughly into the 21st century when the dogs have selfie sticks too.  What it is exactly is an attachment that you put on top of your cell phone that is holding a tennis ball.  Just like the kind that you would go and play fetch with, with your dog in the yard or at the park.  The dog will then stare at the ball, while we hold the phone at a distance so that way we can take a selfie together with our dogs.

Talk about a gift for both of you.  Here we are in the future when there is a toy called the interactive ball thrower Basically, it works almost like a batting cage machine.  You dump the ball into the machine, and it spits it out across the room.  If you are a master and can train your dog to dump the ball in the machine on its own, you will never have to actually play fetch with the dog ever again.

I hope that you enjoyed this brief little summary of a few gifts that I found to be excellent buys for you and your pets.  Happy Shopping!