Author: GreenPet

Busy Buddy Twist n Treat

Make your dog work for his treats! This toy is adjustable and allows you to make it easier or harder for your dog to get the goods! $12.49 at Robbins Pet Care  ...

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Hemp Bungee Bone

From The Good Dog Company, based in Golden, CO, comes a line of durable, earth-friendly pet products These fun dog toys are made of a durable hemp canvas. Because hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers, it is the star eco-friendly material since it is a sustainable /biodegradable crop and it grows well with out the aid of herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. Comes in four color combinations with squeakers in both ends! $19.99 at The Good Dog Company  ...

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Coconut Husks Reptile Bedding

These Coconut Husk Products are entirely biodegradable and have No Negative effects on the environment, either during production or when being applied. They are made out of freshly discarded empty coconut husks, are 100% Organic, and control odor better than tree bark. Basically “Waste Product” recycled into “Miracle Products”. $17.99 for 20 dry quarts at Creature Travelers  ...

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Wool Balls

Hand formed from organically produced dye-free wool and containing a safely secured squeaker. Set of 3 for less than $7!  You can find yours here: New Zealand Wool Pet Ball   ...

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