Author: GreenPet

Recycled Blankets for your dog!!

These hemp and recycled fleece blankets are so soft and cuddly it reminds me of my dog, Zola. It is handmade by the folks at Earthdog. Comes in three colors: blue, green, plum.$80.00 at Robbins Pet...

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100% Organically grown catnip Cats Balls

Your cat will love to chase this ball all over the house. These balls are bigger than a golf ball, but smaller than a tennis ball. Because they are soft, your cat can grab them with his claws, bunny kick them and rub his or her face on them until s/he just can’t take anymore. Yeowww My Cats Balls, 3-Pack $11.97 at...

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Hand Made Organic Catnip Mice

These mice are BIG (8 inches with 20″ long tails). They are soft and colorful and made by hand with 100% organic catinip. Only the best for kitty! $12.75 for 1 mouse or $35.00 for all 3 mice at Catnip Farm  ...

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Hemp Doggy Frisbee

100% hemp means no chemicals and nasty carcinogens! Its safe, it floats and it is machine washable! All is good! $11.00 at...

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