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Your dog can help stop Global Warming with a Dog Powered Scooter

Image what a world it would be if everyone got around on these? Hey, something like this used to work for the Eskimos maybe it will work for us if and when our oil supply runs out. Apparently, you just need to give a kick or two to help get the scooter going, then it only takes less than 5 pounds of pressure for the dog to keep it rolling along, dogs are able to keep it at speed because the scooter wheels have a very low rolling resistance. At Single Dog System: $540...

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Snuggle Loopies

Only big doggies will get caught snuggling up to the “Snuggle Loopie” but once they do, look out, they may have a new best friend. Best friend? That’s supposed to be you, dude. $10.50 at...

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Archetypal Natural Ferret Food

If you don’t have a dog or cat, it’s hard to find natural products. This cold-processed ferret food is over 99% meat and contains absolutely no grains or starches that would contribute to carbohydrate glut disease. It comes dry and can be served as-is or reconstituted with water. A 7.5 oz bag of Archetypal costs $16.09 from...

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Recycled Rubber Dog Collar – English Retreads

Can we say sturdy in dog language? This eco-friendly collar is made from recycled tire inner tubes. In addition, it is fully lined with silver seatbelt material. Small: L 13.5″ x W .75″($39.00) Medium: L 19.5″ x W 1″ ($39.00) Large: L 24.5″ x W 1.5″ ($45.00) at...

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Eco-friendly Pet Beds – For the treehugger dog

Made from recycled imported coffee bags, gives each bed a unique graphic design. The beds are stuffed with cedar fillings which are naturally insect repellant and odor resistant. 10% of the proceeds of sales of these beds are donated to BikesToRwanda $25.00 each at Green...

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