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Antlerz – 100% Natural & Mineral Rich

Antlerz is made from a natural material that is rich in minerals, does not splinter and comes from a completely renewable source: Deer Antlers!  Naturally shedding yearly, the deer will re-grow another set.  Shed antlers are cleaned, cut to an appropriate size for your dog, and packaged.  These natural chews will hold up and last far longer than chews made from plastic, compacted starch, or rawhide.  Your dog’s chewing action will grind the antlers slowly – even in the most aggressive chewers!  Your dog won’t be able to get enough of these.  Available in multiple sizes and in sets...

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Dog House in Recycled Materials

  It might look like plastic, but this dog house is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, which is great if you are looking for a weatherproof dog house which isn’t going to make a big environmental impact. It’s a good classic shape, but would be greatly improved in looks by a coat of paint or stain, as without it, it really does look like cheap plastic. Unlike wood though, it is rot-proof, insect proof and moisture resistant so should last a good length of time. Beware if your dog is a fierce chewer though, as it might not...

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Great Dog Site

Great Dog Site, A Place for Dogs is a new site that I have been checking out over the last few days. It provides lots of information on 350 different dog breeds. I checked out a few of my favorite breeds: Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Doberman Pinscher and Border Collie. The site has some great photos and also discusses features for each breed such as: Ideal Environment, Maintenance, Origin, Health. The cool part about this site is that you can easily edit and add your additional comments and information. With a click of the mouse it is added to...

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Free Range Pig Ears, Crunchy Green!

Our dog demands her pig ears treat every morning – the brand we have been buying says “all natural” but my wife has her doubts. She suspects the pigs have lead miserable lives cooped up in some tiny confining cage, feed with hormones, anti-biotics and other unsavory chemical added as preservatives. After searching high and low I finally found some pig ears our dog can crunch on and we can feel less guilty at the same time. Earth Animal has Earth Animal Oinkers, 10 count of Free Range Pig Ears, 100%Digestible, Free from chemicals, additives and preservatives for...

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Natural Soothing Pheromone Spray For Pets

Dogs that are bad travelers, or cats that yowl constantly on the move, can turn a journey into a nightmare. These natural pheromone sprays are designed to soothe dogs and cats by creating a relaxed, calm scent. It can be sprayed on their bedding in the car 20 minutes before leaving. There are separate sprays for dogs and cats, created with the pheromones unique to each species. Owners found that the spray helped dogs who were nervous and car-sick. It also helped dogs that were nervous in storms or generally over anxious. If you have to leave a pet at a boarding kennels, a strange house or introduce it to new dogs, a spray of this will help ease the stress and calm him during the transition. Nervous and moody cats also benefit from a spray on their sleeping area or in pet carriers. Currently on sale at $9.89 from Only Natural Pet...

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