Author: GreenPet

What are the best toys for my pet?

Have you ever wondered what the best possible toy there is on the market for your pets?  I certainly did not, but that does not mean that every single marketer in every single pet company did not try to find the top selling items to market it to you.  Potentially, sometimes the gifts are the kind of gift that keeps on giving, including to you.   For example, does your dog chew on your shoes, or your curtains, or your pants, or your socks, or your underwear, your kids’ stuffed animals, your newspaper collection, the toilet paper, or really anything...

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Do Dogs See the Television?

  I don’t know if you have ever wondered, but if you own a dog, and you see it watching a show on the TV, what is going through its mind?  Does your dog take an interest, you think? I am a little bit curious, does my dog have a similar thought process as I do or similar reactions? As a matter of fact, after doing a little homework, I learned that dogs do have some understanding of the flashing pictures and sounds in front of them. It does not hurt after all that the television sets are just...

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Looking for a Healthy Alternative to Rawhide and Pigs Ears?

Our dogs demand their treats every morning and of course they get them!  The worry is what to give them that is healthy and natural. I’m sure that you are no different from me and want to purchase the very best for them. Many of us have moved away from rawhide, pig ears, and other questionable “treats,” most likely coming from animals who have miserable lives cooped up in some tiny confining cage, feed with hormones, antibiotics and other unsavory chemicals added as preservatives. The search for a quality healthy alternative can be exhausting!  After searching high and low, I finally found No Hide...

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Antlerz – 100% Natural & Mineral Rich

Antlerz is made from a natural material that is rich in minerals, does not splinter and comes from a completely renewable source: Deer Antlers!  Naturally shedding yearly, the deer will re-grow another set.  Shed antlers are cleaned, cut to an appropriate size for your dog, and packaged.  These natural chews will hold up and last far longer than chews made from plastic, compacted starch, or rawhide.  Your dog’s chewing action will grind the antlers slowly – even in the most aggressive chewers!  Your dog won’t be able to get enough of these.  Available in multiple sizes and in sets...

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Dog House in Recycled Materials

  It might look like plastic, but this dog house is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, which is great if you are looking for a weatherproof dog house which isn’t going to make a big environmental impact. It’s a good classic shape, but would be greatly improved in looks by a coat of paint or stain, as without it, it really does look like cheap plastic. Unlike wood though, it is rot-proof, insect proof and moisture resistant so should last a good length of time. Beware if your dog is a fierce chewer though, as it might not...

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