Our dogs demand their treats every morning and of course they get them!  The worry is what to give them that is healthy and natural. I’m sure that you are no different from me and want to purchase the very best for them. Many of us have moved away from rawhide, pig ears, and other questionable “treats,” most likely coming from animals who have miserable lives cooped up in some tiny confining cage, feed with hormones, antibiotics and other unsavory chemicals added as preservatives. The search for a quality healthy alternative can be exhausting!  After searching high and low, I finally found No Hide treats our dogs can crunch on, and we can feel less guilty at the same time. Earth Animal No-Hide Chews help maintain healthy teeth and gums while keeping our FurKids busy.  All of Earth Animal products are 100% free of rawhide, are easily digestible and made with high-quality human grade ingredients. You will not find a better chew for your pup. Available in Beef, Chicken, and Salmon – in 2 or 10 pack bags. Get some today your FurKids will thank you!