Year: 2015

New Age Pet GoPet Mess Kit

When you’re travelling with pets, their food and water can be a problem. Rather than carrying several containers, this mess kit has separate compartments – and separate bowls – for food and water. It all fits together to make one tidy container. The Mess Kit costs $9.99 from...

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Bowsers Eco+ Orbit Dog Bed

The following is a paid review: For the treehugging doggy in your life. This stylish bed (which comes in three colors: Sienna (shown), Whistler Gray and Rainforest) is perfect for all dogs who lead an active lifestyle. I know my dog, Zola, would especially love the bolster on this bed. It lets him sleep but keep one eye open just in case a human may go near the cookie jar! The bottom of this bed is comprised of waterproof nylon which lets this bed work just as well indoors as outdoors. Perfect if you want to take your dog with you camping or boating. Your pup will stay nice and dry while the bottom of the bed keeps the moisture and cold away. The bed is comfy and soft since it is filled with fleece fabric constructed from recycled plastic soda pop bottles. It is estimated by Bowsers that this particular bed helps eliminate up to 30 pop bottles from ending up in the landfill. The best part is that the bolster and cushion cover can be unzipped and easily removed and thrown in the washing machine and dryer. This allows you to keep this bed fresh and clean for years to come. And we all know that purchasing a quality pet bed that can last many dog years will be the best eco-friendly decision a human can make....

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Neem Oil For Pets – Flea, Tick and Ringworm Remedy

There seem to be two sides of the neem oil debate for pets. Some owners are very happy that the neem oil gets rid of fleas effectively and naturally. Others can’t stand the smell of the oil, so keep on looking elsewhere for natural flea remedies. If you can cope with a bit of a stink for a few days then it seems like neem really does work, not just to get rid of fleas and ticks, but also to heal the skin damage caused by them. Neem oil also works well on ringworm and other fungal infections and has been successfully used on small animals such as guinea pigs too. The blue bottle looks clean and fresh, but be prepared for a potent oil inside! Mix it with your pet shampoo or apply a few drops neat, as you would apply a conventional spot on treatment. Just be prepared for the smell! Costs $9.39 from...

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Shouldn’t Every Dog Have a Silk Necktie?

This leash is more than just a fashion accessory. The 1″ recycled necktie leash is made of blue and purple paisley and is soft and smooth against your dog’s neck. Made from 100% silk neckties sewn onto cotton webbing for strength. Metallic swivel loop lock, 4′ long, machine washable. Take your dog out in style! They will give you a $5 rebate if you recycle your old leash with them. Available for $33 from Annie’s...

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