Year: 2014

Eco Friendly Dog Beds

This pet bed is called the “Eco Slumber” and it is made with an organic grown cotton grown cover …less chemicals for the little pup… and the bed is filled with post-consumer recycled stuffing from recycled plastic soda bottles. And a modern color pallette to fit in anywhere. My dog needs one! $78.00 at Lost in...

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All Natural Materials for Your Digging Ferret

Your ferret may keep you entertained for hours and be the most lovable pet on the planet…until they start ruining your furniture and chewing things up! Here is a solution that works well for both of you. Drs. Foster and Smith created an all-natural product where your ferret can dig safely, without wrecking a thing! The box is filled with ‘packing peanuts’ that are made from starch. They can dig in this box and dig and never get anywhere. They can’t chew it up (OK, well they probably can) but it won’t hurt them or the box. you can always replace the box! Order the ferret dig box from Drs. Foster and Smith for...

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Cat Bamboo Wall Scratcher

Is your cat ruining everything possible in your house by scratching? Declawing is not the answer, a Cat Bamboo Wall Scratcher is! This beautiful, square cat scratch might not even be recognized as a cat toy it is so nicely crafted. The cat scratch comes in bamboo with five shades of stain to choose from. Inserts also come in various shades, to match the decor of your room. Scratch measure 9 x 9 and comes with removable and replaceable carpet squares. You can even put catnip behind it to encourage more scratching! Ingenious. Get your Cat Wall Scratcher from Square Cat Habitat for...

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Recycled Dog Ball

Orbee Tuff RecycleBall Dog Toy $9.95 at What goes around, comes around. This smart recycled from “regrind” materials and made into a dog ball with the recycle logo, will proudly proclaim your green leanings and give your dog a great workout in the bargain. The greenfeet store doesn’t say anything about the balls bounciness, squishiness, or anything about how it might taste. All important considerations for a dog. This pricey ball hopefully won’t be so precious that it will just sit on the shelf like a fancy “coffee-table book” ball – and will instead become all chewed up like a favorite dog-eared book that gets pulled out over and over...

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