Year: 2014

Organic Cotton Dog Kimono

Sckoon Organic Cotton Dog Kimono $22.90 at Our dog is definitely the Zen Master in our house. Your dog can now meditate in style with this cool Kimono from Made from certified 100% Organic Egyptian cotton and is very soft and...

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Organic Dog Toy – Lucy Rabbit

This cute little bunny is made entirely of safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabric in a pure water organic dye process. It has the advantage of greatly reduced toxicity and allergy levels and is a great toy for your little slobbering puppy. Comes in two sizes 6″ or 10″. $12.99 for 6″ and $18.99 for 10″ at...

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All Natural Chewables for Ferrets

Whether you are a pro at having ferrets or a novice, you already know how much they love to chew! Beat them to the punch and order them some all natural chew toys that won’t hurt them or upset you when they get chewed up! These chew toys have a rubbery texture but are made from safe, natural and veterinarian approved materials. You can’t beat that! Chew toys come in a 3 pack, with no artificial colors, flavors, smells or preservatives. Order the all natural chews from Drs. Foster & Smith for...

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Cotton Canvas Dog Duvet

Instead of buying a bulky dog bed, this sensible dog duvet allows you to make your own pet bed by stuffing the sturdy cover with any old clothes, pillows or blankets that you already have around your home. So instead of throwing away worn out T-shirts or scruffy old foam pillows, they can provide a comfy bed for your pet in a good looking cover. Have a spare duvet on hand and then the dirty one can just be thrown in the washing machine, making it easy to keep your dog’s bed hygienic and fresh. It comes in a wide variety of fabric designs and in small, medium or large. Costs $30.82 for the medium size on

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