Year: 2013

Organic Catnip that Cares

This certified organic catnip is not just any kitty litter. Peek inside these sustainable, resealable pouches to find leaf-only catnip, super fresh for your feline and ethically produced in the USA.

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Dog dishes made from recycled wine crates

Whiner & Diner Dog Dishes Large and Small Double – various stain colors – $199.99 – Small and Large Single $159.99 – various stains. Elevated dog dishes promote healthy eating and drinking habits for your dog and gives you the satisfaction of feeding your pooch with panache. The dishes are custom-made and are available in its natural finish or a selection of stain colors. Apparently, you can order custom staining as well. They apply three coats of polyurethane to a fine furniture finish, comes with removable stainless steel bowls which have skid-proof bottoms. They also offer crates personalized with your pet’s name, hand-painted designs, etc. Check out their slide show of the various types available. They state their product will be featured in the next issue of Wag...

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Eco-Friendly Hemp Dog Bone

Does your dog absolutely love chewing on bones, but you hate the smell and the mess they make? Here is a super alternative that will make you and your canine friend happy: a hemp dog bone shaped chew toy. The bone shaped chewer is durable and will last through even the sharpest and toughest of teeth. The bones are stuffed with hypo-allergenic fill – and don’t forget the squeaker inside – and covered with all natural hemp cloth. The bones comes in three sizes and in pink, blue, chocolate, key lime and natural colors. Get your medium sized, eco-friendly hemp dog bone from Amazon for...

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Your Kitty Will LOVE the Catnip Carrot

Your cat might not eat carrots, but they soon will love them! This soft and playful carrot is stuffed with 100% organic catnip. We all know what catnip can do for a cat, and organic catnip is even better since it is pure! No chemicals or harsh residues from processing in this toy. Your cat might act years younger when paying and chasing this toy. It may make YOU even want to eat carrots again! The Catnip Carrot can be found at the Purrfect Play for...

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Organic Catnip Mice

Sometimes the simplest toys are best for cats. Organic catnip mice in attractive recycled fabric with a tempting string tail can keep your kitty entertained for hours, as she bites, kicks, grabs and tosses it around. The perfect gift for an eco-friendly cat lover, these mice are hand-made in the US from recycled fabric. They are six inches long so big enough for a cat to really get to grips with. They are not that cheap if you are buying for several pets, but if you are happy to pay for chemical free organic catnip and handmade style, then well worth it. Mice cost $5.99 from Only Natural Pet...

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