Year: 2013

Aromatherapy for High-Strung Pups

Bathe your dog in luxury with Botanical Dog’s Calming Therapy 4-Step Dog Care System. Organic Lavender Essential Oil will soothe her senses while goat’s milk and shea butter hydrates her sensitive skin. The perfect way to prepare for a trip to the groomer. The set includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Ear Cleaner, and Daily Refresher. All natural ingredients. Purchase the complete set for $49.99 at Botanical...

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Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBONE

Planet Dog makes this recycled chewbone from materials left over from manufacturing other products. It is non-toxic, and you can recycle the scraps when your dog is done with it. Unfortunately, it is only rated for “average” aggressive chewers. If your dog is part piranha, like mine are, you may want to look for something sturdier.  Available from Eco Pet for...

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Dental Spray to clean pet tarter naturally

Leba III Dental Spray $71.99 from Only Natural Pet A dog’s or cat’s teeth can gather a lot of tarter build-up. There are toys out there to help scrape this tartar off, but they work 20% of the time, at best. Before you know it, you are looking at the vet talking about a huge dental surgery so your pooch can gnaw on that pig hoof he has been chewing in the back yard for the past two months. In addition to the tartar controlling toys and chews, you can try the Leba III Dental Spray, which claims to be a natural product that stimulates the enzymes already embedded in the dog’s saliva. While most teeth cleaning products destroy this natural bacteria, the dental spray will kick it into high gear, softening tartar to the point where it falls off easily. Just spray and you are done. No harmful chemicals, virtually no taste, and they claim it will not effect the tooth enamel. The Mint and Herbal extracts round off the water and alcohol, keeping it one of the most pure teeth cleaners on the market. While it is unclear how long a bottle might last, the seemingly outrageous price of $70 might be worth it if it can save you hundreds in vet bills related to poor teeth health. It may be helpful to use this in conjunction...

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Natural Tree Cat Furniture

Check out these artfully created cat furniture from An amazing selection of inventive and playful designs of trees, benchs, hollow logs, scratching posts, etc. Ranges in size from huge cat trees big enough for the select few who keep 30 or more cats to more reasonable 1 cat affairs. Prices range from over 2,000 to less than 100.00. These trees practically make you want to become a cat yourself! Made from sustainably harvested timbers which they treat for 3 days in a wood fired kiln to safely rid all pests and apply a hand waxed non-toxic finish. Natural Tree Furniture website states “Our steadfast commitment to conservation through recovery, recycling and reuse involves the practice of unique environmental standards and principles.” Here are a few more selections from the many they offer on their...

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Save Puppy’s Paws All Naturally

Think of how much your feet hurt when you’ve been on your feet all day. Now imagine how much they would hurt if you were outside doing it all the time, with NO shoes on! Keeping your puppy’s paws in good shape is why the all natural Paw Pleaser was created. This balm is made from all natural ingredients including green tea and grape seed extracts and protects paws from chafing, stones and cold and hot surface. The shea and coco butter based cream is dye free, will not stain surfaces and is completely lickable! The Paw Pleaser Balm can be purchased from EcoAnimal for...

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