Year: 2012


A vegetarian alternative to the real thing!! Eco-Fleece Bone …nice and soft and filled with eco-fill. I love the classic shape. Bring your dog a bone while keeping plastic out of the landfill. $9.99 at DoctorDog...

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Go Green Dog Hoodie

How else can you spread the word that you – AND your pet – are Earth friendly? Let your pooch wear a recycled symbol and flaunt it!  This ‘Go Green’ dog hoodie is made from natural gray fleece with green stitching for contrast.  The short front sleeves and hood will protect against wind and rain in the fall and spring months.  Keep your dog warm and make a statement at the same time! Go Green Dog Hoodie is available in many sizes for your dog species from The Haute Hound for...

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What’s the green solution for getting rid of dog poop?

Pet waste in large cities has increasingly become a environmental problem. Dog poop not picked up often will find its way to a storm drain and eventually to pollute waterways. The idea of wrapping your dog poop twice or more a day in plastic and throwing it in the garbage and eventual landfill where hundreds of years from now, future excavators will be able to analysis what you feed your dog for breakfast back in 2007. There has to be a better way. San Fransisco has considered ways of converting dog waste into a methane fuel source. Some suggest special compositing solutions that will properly handle dog waste so the compost can be used germ free. Or you can compost your dog’s waste in your backyard with a biodegradable poop bag available in most grocery and pet stores. The resulting compost can either be left to further break down in the composter or used to feed non-edible plants and trees. Here is an article that discusses all the best ways to compost dog poop. The Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Digester System might be a great solution for someone really serious about their pet waste and have a garden that would benefit from this composter. 48.50 for the standard model and 68.50 for the deluxe (shown here) If all of this is way to much and you just want to...

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Recycled Dog Bone

A peppermint scented, recycled plastic dog toy. You and your dog can support our planet one fetch at a time. $10.75 at Home and Planet...

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Herbal Hairball Remedy

You love your cat dearly, except on those mornings when you wake up to find a nice little hairball hacked up on the floor. Grrr. To keep your cat from having these ‘episodes’, give them an all natural herbal hairball remedy. It is made from herbs such as yarrow, peppermint and oregano and help all digestion problems of felines. Thank goodness! You are just a few drops away from less puke on your carpet and floors. Buy the Love My Pet Tummy Ease from Only Natural Pet Store for $19.99 a...

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