Year: 2012

Organic Monkey Toy

This organic dog toy is safe from toxins and chemicals. It made of safe all natural organic fabric in a pure water organic dye process. Considering the time this little guy will spend in your pup’s mouth…. I vote for eco friendly! Simply Fido Organic Plush 10-Inch Regular Pet Toy, Oscar Monkey $17.39 at...

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What are Pet Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical communications among members of a given species. They modify the behavior of recipient in relation to the member producing them. Pet pheromones are those specific to pets and are used to modify the behavior of recipient pets as desired. They can either be natural or man-made. The former are produced by the body, naturally. These are received by the vomeronasal organ. This organ is located between the mouth and the nose. Pet pheromone can be applied to help induce certain behavior and solve certain problems in dogs, cats and other pets, either individually or as a group. Human beings also communicate through pheromones. Pet pheromones come in form of sprays, collars and wipes, as well as plug-in diffusers. There are also essential oils and herbal products used to stimulate production of natural pheromones. Types of Behaviors Targeted by Pheromones Pet pheromones target at inducing certain types of behaviors in cats, dogs and other pets. They can help avoid aggression problems between cats. Sometimes, aggression in cats is caused by stress. Stress can also cause other behavioral problems in pets as can to humans, and use of pet pheromones is recommended to ease stress. In dogs, pheromones can help ease separation anxiety and noise phobias. Such problems can occur in dogs as a result of traveling and noise from fireworks and storms. In cats, pheromones can help...

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Give a dog an organic bone made in USA

Nice big plush Bone for your pup to play with. 100% certified organic dye free cotton – Stuffed with organic cotton, No synthetics or plastic fillers Lined with heavy cotton denim small $8.95 to large $19.95, with or without squeakers at Purrfect...

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Newman’s Own Organics Dog Treats

Peanut flavor, heart shaped, only the best human grade certified organic ingredients including chicken, carrots, apples, rolled oat and yes, of course, peanut butter. $14.25 for a six pack of 10 oz. bags at...

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