Year: 2011

Happy Paint Can Treats

These treats have ingredients like: Whole wheat flour, peanuts, ground corn, dried beet pulp and chicken fat. Good for training or telling the little guy you love ’em. The can is 2 lbs.   $19.95 at Planet Dog  ...

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Dog Sweaters in Stylish Reclaimed Cotton

These cute striped dog sweaters are made in the U.S. from re-claimed cotton fibers minimizing wastage from the clothing industry. They ingeniously re-use the existing colors of the reclaimed cotton so that no re-dying is necessary and then blend the fibers with acrylic to make a cozy and soft sweater for winter walks. The sweaters come in sizes to fit most dogs from 9” to 23 “ (collar to tail measurement) and are easy to slip on and machine washable. A great buy if you are looking for a stylish dog sweater that is eco-friendly too. Currently on sale for $35.99 at Pet Street...

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Eco-Friendly Mouse Teaser for Cats

Do you have a playful kitten with hours of energy that you can’t entertain? Maybe your older cat needs to be a little more active or get some entertainment during the day. The eco-friendly mouse teaser is purrrrfect for every type of cat. The teaser is a natural wood pole that stands 19″ long and has 5 mice attached by natural twine. Shake the mice and your cat will come running. Mount the pole and your cat can entertain himself during the night or while you are at work, burning lots of energy and calories. Buy your eco-friendly mouse teaser for cats from...

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Spray-On Dog Sunscreen

Not all dogs need sunscreen, after all that is what their fur is for, but if you have a short haired white dog he or she may be getting burned through the fur. And pink noses and ears are often burned by the sun causing soreness. This sunscreen is specially formulated for dogs and is the equivalent of a SPF15. It is a spray on formula, easy to apply and, unlike human sunscreen it has no toxic ingredients, so your dog can lick at it with no ill effects. This is quite a small bottle at 4oz, but fairly inexpensive and definitely worth it for keeping soft pink noses safe from the sun. Costs $7.99 from...

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Soft Hemp Cat Collars

This Silly Kitty range of natural hemp cat collars is great for pets with sensitive skin or who just get irritated by other collars. The hemp is strong but very soft and wears well. The style is the safety breakaway collar design and is easy to put on, staying on fairly well, though determined kitties can get them off! The best thing about these hemp collars is that cats find them comfortable and don’t have problems with them rubbing their skin or wanting to scratch the whole time. Plus they come in a great range of colors. Oh and of course hemp is a really eco-friendly choice with a low environmental impact, so these collars are good for your pet and good for the planet! Breakaway Hemp Cats Collars cost $9.99 from Only Natural Pet...

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